Why Viruses Don't Exist, HIV/AIDS Explained!

The word “virus” was first used by French leaders before 1815 as political movement. To put it simply the French leaders didn’t want the British to enter so they sent out news that the British were carrying a virus and if they got it they would die. Back then microbiology wasn’t even a thing, it was more of a fear/propaganda tactic to get people to comply. It wasn’t even about a sickness back then, but they turned it into a deadly diseases nowadays. That’s not my main point, just a little story.

Ever wonder why most people get sick in winter/cold months? Well, its because its natural for the body, lemme explain. When its nearing cold months tree leaves fall, they change color, die, then it regrows in spring/warmer weather with new leaves. This is a natural phenomenon that exist throughout nature and its point is to renew/rebuild. It happens with tress like I said and even with some animals. For example snakes shed their own skin. What’s the point? You see, its the same thing that happens to humans? What do I mean? To put it simply, when the body is toxic it starts to purge toxins. How does it do it? It does it through sneezing, fevers, and all the usual cold symptoms. Ever wonder why people don’t get cold/flu in the summer? This is why, its just a natural phenomenon of nature. Just think about it, literally everyone is filled with toxins from junk food, vaccines, etc and when cold months come they start to get sick. The word “sick” is misunderstood because its not even a bad thing, its the body detoxing/ the natural phenomenon of nature rebuilding. This is also why the “flu” virus doesn’t exist, its just the body detoxing/the natural phenomenon of nature rebuilding. If it never got cold, trees would never die. Just like if humans are never toxic they would never get “sick”. Now, those are not even my main points.

What about the pictures of virus we see? Remember, “sick” is the body detoxing, and it does it using specific cells. So when the body is toxic cells called exosomes come out and help detox/ “being sick”. So when they look in the microscopes to find “viruses” its these cells that are helping the body detox/ “being sick”. Those are the cells they are looking at, its not a "virus’. It’s a good thing because the body healing. This goes for EVER SINIGLE VIRUS, it all a fairy tale, its just the body purging toxins. You see, people need to change their mindset about what “sick” really is, it’s the body healing. That’s why virus don’t exist

What about HIV/AIDS? You know the story about how HIV/AIDS originated in Africa from monkeys? Yea okay, that story is a lie. Long story short, they brought HIV/AIDS into Africa via vaccines. How? Well, they just said there’s a deadly viruses from monkeys killing people, so take this vaccine and you’ll be fine. As you would expect, they took it and that actually gave then AIDS. So vaccines actually brought aids into Africa. Now, what about the people dying from HIV/AIDS today? HIV/AIDS is just when the body’s immune system doesn’t work properly so it eventually dies from infection, that’s all it is. So the vaccine just weakened the immune system, especially the T cells. That’s how it happened in Africa.

Like I said, HIV/AIDS is when the immune system is weak. People die from it nowadays because of two reason. One is heavy drug abuse. Drugs like cocaine, heroin, ketamine, meth, etc all destroy the immune system. This is partly why the CIA let drugs in because they needed it for this HIV/AIDS propaganda. This is also why HIV/AIDS is ALWAYS associated with drug abuse, because they drugs destroy the immune system aka HIV/AIDS. That’s one reason.

The other reason is HIV/AIDS medications people are taking. What if someone test positive for HIV virus? Remember, virus aren’t real. What they are looking at is a protein that is practically in everyone. Its not exactly the exosome I talked about early. To put it simply this HIV “virus” is practically in everyone at a young age, its show up in some people later in life because of mostly bad lifestyle factors. It’s practically harmless but they say “ohh its bad, it will turn into AIDS later and kill you so you have to take the meds.” But this is wrong. The second reason people die from AIDS is the medications they are given, its that simply. If someone gets a positive test it means nothing. They just make up this fair tale story and what actually kills them is the medications they are give to “protect them from AIDS”

Dying from AIDS is practically impossible unless you abuse drugs or take the meds you are given. Those are literally the only ways you can possible die from AIDS. Even if you eat junk food & don’t exercise its gonna be pretty hard to die from AIDS. Even if you did abuse drugs or take the meds. If you stopped, cleaned up the diet, support the body with supplements you will recover


Great post, absolutely true!

I think that’s a very important way to look at it. When your “sick” it’s not a bad thing at all, it’s just the body healing itself.

It’s so insane that the media and the powers that shouldn’t be have gotten everyone to literally fear the one thing that’s getting them healthier. I think this needs to be common knowledge in order for people to understand how they can live healthy.

I recently watched some clips from back when AIDS first started coming across everyone’s televisions. It’s literally almost identical to the stuff we’re seeing today. Identical, except now it’s everyone and the masks are all over. I’ll have to find the video that I watched about AIDS and share it if I can find it.

But you hit it dead on. It’s the constant poisons that are present in our bodies through vaccines and and the fake foods we eat. Hopefully enough people start to realize this, because we’re headed to some very dark times if this keeps snowballing how it is.

Anyway, thanks for the great post man!


I seen a documentary back in 2017. I can not remember the name unfortunately. It was a 2 part doc. I remember it being a long one.
They said that , this HIV was created, in this certain part of Africa, and they took certain cells from a certain type of non - humane primate.(From liver or kidney or some organ .) and added it to their concoction. They had video footage of the area, camp site, caged primates and People involved. Also in that area of Africa, coincidently, is where the first cases of aids or hiv popped up.

Why in the hell would anybody from America go into the Congo and just randomly test a dead mans blood? Is this what mad scientist do?
Second question. How did they trace first case of hiv. Back to 1920? Did they dig up dead body’s of several monkeys and men through past centuries?
3rd. Why would they test a primate, to make the connection? Did they test other items of diet? Say some veggies? Did they sample water? No mention.
This sounds like the origin for one big story

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