Willow Bark for Pain and inflammation

The salicin inside willow bark works the same way as aspirin, by reducing inflammation and pain as it enters your bloodstream. Because of the anti-inflammatory properties of willow bark , it may be especially effective in combatting joint pain as well.


Awesome, pretty cheap too. I had heard about Birch having these benefits but didn’t realize it was also Willow trees.

Apparently it’s known for doing all these other things too.

  1. Alleviates Acne
  2. Reduces Headaches
  3. Eases Lower Back Pain
  4. Reduces Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Pain
  5. Prevents Heart Attacks
  6. Soothes Menstrual Cramps

Good find though, I always love finding out about more natural remedies.

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Im going to try that tea. And thanks. I love it when I’m watching TV and I notice something like that

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